Raw Gingerbread Cookies

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Happy Holidays Everyone! A few weeks ago, I came across some wonderful Deglet Noor dates that tasted just like sugar cookies. As soon as I tasted them, I knew I had to come up with a cookie recipe to really highlight their flavor. With Christmas right around the corner, I wanted a festive way to incorporate them into a holiday treat. . . Gingerbread cookies! A raw spin on a classic Christmas snack, these cookies are an absolute delight. I’ve had a few taste-testers and everyone loved these treats (and I love seeing people enjoy them!) Laine, who is ten years-old, asked me, “Mmmm, oh my God, how do you keep doing this?” Hehe! You know you come up with something great when kids love your food! The only problem I had with this recipe was that I kept eating the dates when I was pitting them ????

Ginger has a strong flavor, so I recommend tasting your mixture as you add to it to make sure its exactly how you like it. I found the amount recommended in the recipe below to be perfect (maybe even a little more if you love ginger like me!) Ginger also has a variety of health benefits that make these cookies even more attractive! Ginger root contains high levels of antioxidants which makes it a great defender against cell damage and associated disease such as cancer. It is also a natural painkiller that works as an anti-inflammatory and excellent for helping ease discomfort from nausea and vomiting. These scrumptious treats are low-fat and go great with a glass of almond or banana milk. Even if you eat the whole batch, it’s completely guilt-free! Feel free to use any leftover coconut meat frosting as body butter. That’s what I did, the oil from coconut meat is soooo silky, it feels great!


Yields 20 Cookies

  • 4 cups Deglet Noor dates (pitted)
  • 1/3 cup Almond meal (I bought my raw organic almond meal from Blue Mountain Organics)
  • 1/4 cup Low fat shredded coconut
  • 2 Tbsp Fresh coconut water (from the young coconut used in the frosting below)
  • 2 Tsp Fresh grated ginger root
  • 1 Tsp Ground cinnamon
  1. Wet the inside of a large food processor,  this will help prevent sticking.
  2. Place 1 cup at a time of dates in the processor and process until the dates are broken up and a doughy ball begins to form.
  3. Repeat with the remaining 3 cups of dates.
  4. Spread the mixture evenly in a large casserole dish
  5. Sprinkle the shredded coconut over the dates evenly.
  6. In a small bowl, combine almond meal, ginger, cinnamon, and coconut water.
  7. Spread this evenly  on the cookie mixture.
  8. With your hands, mix everything together to make dough
  9. Place parchment on the counter, add dough, then another layer of paper and roll out dough.
  10. Use cookie cutters of your choice!
  11. Place cookies in the dehydrator for 6 hours on 105 degrees.

*** If you do not have a dehydrator, you can freeze the cookie, leave them out on the counter to dry, or you can try baking them at your own risk! ???? ***


  • The meat of 1 young coconut

Place coconut meat into a high speed blender and blend coconut meat until creamy. You will have to scrap down the sides a few times to make everything smooth. I used my BlendTec twist jar which is perfect for this!

  1. Once the cookies are ready to be taken out of the dehydrator, spread the coconut frosting on top!  I realized after my 3rd candy cane you need two layers for the frosting ????
  2. Time to decorate the cookies!  I sliced raisins for the mouths and eyes.  Use whatever you have in your kitchen, have fun and be creative!  ENJOY! Xx

Can you spy my husbands cookie?  ;D

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