Why I Stopped Drinking Alcohol

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I am so elated to share with everyone that today marks the one year anniversary since I last consumed a drink of alcohol (September 28, 2013) and I wanted to share my story briefly with you. While I would never consider myself addicted to alcohol, I used it socially for the same reason most people do…to put myself in an altered state of mind, loosen up and have fun with friends. I was into the typical college scene – drinking several nights a week, playing drinking games and bar hopping. After college, I was all about clubs and bottles and loved a late night out with friends. I was the one mixing the drinks and pouring the shots, always wanting to get everyone to have a “good time.” It wasn’t until I started eating raw that my eyes became wide open to the destruction I was doing to my body. My husband and I would go out for drinks a few times a month, and party with friends every so often. About four months into my raw transition, I found myself getting too drunk very quickly, and on only 1 or 2 cocktails. As the months passed, the more I was going out with friends, the drunker I was getting, and soon started blacking out regularly. This was extremely scary for me! I never understood how people could actually drink so much that they blacked out, it had never happened to me in my life. It was also affecting the people around me, including my husband, who didn’t like how I acted when I was too intoxicated. It wasn’t the first time in my life I became hurtful and cruel to others while under the influence of alcohol, and I had some serious reflecting to do.

I realized that the whole reason I was on this diet and came into this lifestyle was for my health, so why would I continue to drink? It was just madness to me that I never thought of alcohol for what it truly was… a toxic tonic of chemically-enhanced POISON. It has been embedded into our heads by society that alcohol is an acceptable substance to put into our bodies. Now, just because one may build up a tolerance to high amounts of alcohol with no physical effects, doesn’t mean it the drinking isn’t doing harm to your body. It just means your body is so full of pollutants that your body doesn’t show signs. This is a substance that negatively changes the way your mind and body works. It slows the function of the central nervous system and can cause depression, hang overs, blurry vision, slurred speech, lowered ambitions, and disorientation. It also contributes to massive DNA and organ damage, chronic diseases and cancer. People use alcohol for various reasons, commonly as a stress relief, but when people consume alcohol they are actually stressing the same hormones that lead to the progression of disease. Bar fights anyone? Alcohol makes people become violent and abusive, and destroys relationships and families. I subconsciously knew all of these things, but I was still guilty of drinking the drug because it was socially acceptable.

So after my “Ah-ha” moment, drinking poison wasn’t even an optional. My body was becoming so clean and sensitive, I knew I had to listen to it. It was telling me that there are other ways to enjoy life without alcohol. I started loving myself enough to only put what is pure into my body, letting my spirit be my guide and becoming one with my body. If I just listened to my intuition, I became more present in the moment and moved towards the path to enlightenment. I’ve found that eating raw has generally made me more conscious of what I consume and how certain substances resonate with me. I can walk into a room and smell any chemical or pollutant that fills it. It is an absolutely blessing because I know when I need to get out of certain environments that can cause me harm. People are exposed to so many toxins that their senses are tainted so they can’t recognize the subtleties around them.

Do I still go out with friends and party? Absolutely!! You do not need to give up your social life just because you don’t drink. I find that most people have an even greater respect for you because they themselves understand how hard it is to have self control when you go out. If people judge you for not drinking, that says something about who they are, not you. This is a hard change, especially in our society, and something that needs to come from within. Eating raw has helped me to keep my inner child alive and find play and joy in any situation. Dancing is another way to have fun! It’s about feeling the raw energy of the music, letting it fill every cell of your being, and having your soul express all the emotion that exists within you. Surround yourself with people who raise your vibration, love you unconditional and add positivity to your life. I know giving up alcohol may make you feel left out in your mind because everyone drinks BUT it doesn’t have to be that way. Try bringing a coconut water or juice out with you! You’ll be surprised how many people will ask you for a delicious sip! Sober is SEXY!!! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or even if you just need support. I am here for you!!

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