Why Love One But Eat The Other?

In Lifestyle by Jenna Davila

I am so passionate about creating harmony, light and love here on this planet and keeping that positive in this sacred space is important to me.  With that being said, it’s also important for me to speak out on behalf of those who have no voice, the beautiful animals who ARE a piece of God in the most perfect way.  I received an email I couldn’t ignore with this link attached speaking about the owners of a chicken factory farm stabbing birds with spiked clubs and breaking their necks by standing on their heads and pulling their wings or bodies.  This is not an isolated incident mind you.

There is no animal who’s life is more important or precious than another’s.  All lives matter and should be treated with respect, compassion and kindness.  If you were to see an animal being abused on the street, would you stop it?  There is no difference between physically seeing horrific animal welfare conditions and not seeing it, it still happens and when people continue to support the meat, egg and dairy industries, how can we truly ever expect peace and world suffering to end in this world?  How can we expect each other to love our Brothers and Sisters unconditionally when people act so violently towards defenseless, innocent beings?  These massacres do not need to happen, ever.  When it comes to animals, death only exist because humans enjoy the taste of their lifeless flesh who are seasoned with spices and herbs.

These animal are killed in absolute fear, pain and suffering.  Even if they are not murder, dairy cows and egg laying chickens are still terribly abused.  Cows are forced to produce milk by being impregnated over and over again like they are some kind of machine while their newborns are torn away from them to become veal or dairy cows themselves.   Hens are laying eggs at a very unnatural rates causing so much stress, pain and infections.  We must remember that everything which exist is energy and that we take on the energy what we eat.  What goes on in these industries is an animal holocaust.  We do not need meat, eggs and dairy to survive, it is only the ego who likes the taste or wants to look unnaturally muscular.  Not only are these “foods” create violence, but they are destroying our beautiful planet causing mass destruction to our lands, especially our rainforests and oceans.  Meat, eggs and dairy are directly linked to degenerative and chronic diseases like cancer.  Please remember that these industries are a business and businesses that only cares about one thing, profits.

How can anyone wonder why there is so much suffering?  Children are becoming extremely sick at such a young younger and all one needs to do is look at  what they are filling their vessel with.  We are not physiologically designed to digest animals or their by-products and the more people eat it, the more harm they do do their body and genetics, which then gets passed on to future generations.   It’s time rise up and know that we are deserving of living a healthy, vibrant life through a karma free plant based diet.  We can absolutely come together and change the world but it takes passionate action!  If anyone needs help, I am here for you!!  Much love and many blessings ❤

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