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Hello beloved ones🙏🏻 I like to stay focused on the positives but I also believe it is important to spread the truth so that we may improve upon a circumstancestance and awaken others to see the light. This is how we begin to shift the world into a higher vibration. Mercy For Animals just came out with a video of workers at Cactus Acres Holsteins in Colorado—a Dairy Farmers of America cooperative farm—maliciously abusing animals.

The video shows:

  • “Workers violently punching and kicking cows in their faces and bodies
  • Animals with open wounds and infections denied proper veterinary care
  • Cows stabbed with screwdrivers and viciously hit with milking equipment
  • Workers pulling cows’ tails for several minutes at a time to ‘punish’ them.”

I know it can be uncomfortable to read or watch, but it is reality and WE can truly make a DIFFERENCE! This isn’t just one instance and this isn’t just happening to the dairy cows who are beautiful gentle creatures. 97% of the 10 billion animals tortured and killed each year are farm animals. I see people caring about the abuse of domestic animals but why not have the same love, compassion and respect for all living beings? Why is there a difference between which animal are given love and which animals are not?

We are so powerful that we have the ability to literally save countless lives every single day by adopting a vegan lifestyle. Every time you go into a store (grocery, clothing, furniture, etc…) you are voting with your wallet on the type of world you want to live in. You have full control and responsibility for the choices you make that either add to or take away from the peace of the Planet. I choose a world of love, health, happiness, peace and harmony and so can you! You can absolutely make an impact on the world for the better, for everything that exists and will exist in the future. We are Co-Creators and constantly manifesting our realities. Why not make a conscious effort to save the animals, the planet and yourselves?

Everything that exists is all interconnected, we are all one. When you start to love and care about yourself enough to know that you deserve the health, love and healing that your body yearns for. Consuming animals leads to diseases, illnesses and cancers. There is no reason to put yourself at risk for pain and suffering that lead to numerous surgeries, medications and even death. Is your health valuable to you? If so, snap out of the mindset “I eat animals because it tastes good.” Anything could taste good if you season it, I bet humans would taste good too. Trying to justify taking a life of another, no matter how big or small is a reflection.

You are a truly magnificent soul, it’s time to realize it. It’s time to really care how you feel and to know that you are full love light that wants to expand and touch everything. Eat karma-free foods that make you feel alive! Love your fellow creatures that roam Mother Earth as they too are having their own experience here on the planet. Connect back to nature! When you fill your heart with love, you will know peace.

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