Become a Teacher by Overcoming Challenges

In Words of Wisdom by Jenna Davila

When you personally overcome any challenge in your life, you become a teacher. You begin to master yourself the more experiences you have. We have to be grateful for ALL experiences we have, the good and the bad. This is part of our ascension journey. This helps out life to come into balance and awaken how the dots are ever so connected. It is in every obstacle that we face head on with the attitude of being a warrior, to the knowing and TRUST in the cosmic Universe, the greater of a healer and server of humanity we become. We are all born in the purest love. We as have traumas. I've been through my own personal hell that stemmed from being in a long-term mentally and emotionally abusive narcissistic relationship starting when I was a teenager which tailspun me into an on and off rollercoaster of a 6 year depression with moments of not wanting to live. I also suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, fear, rage, chronic headaches, stomach ulcers, unhealthy weight gain and lose, I became numb. I dealt with so much pain and going through this as a sensitive and an empath, I filtered out not only my own sufferings but other people's toxic energies. It was extreme to say the least. I KNOW what it's like to feel helpless and to go through a the dark journey of the soul but where there darkness, there is only light. When you tell yourself to be a fighter, to find the strength to tackle anything between your and the joy you are meant to have, you become unstoppable. Stop being victim in your life. You have free will!! There is always a choice to make and when you start listening to your internal guidance style, life gets better! There is nothing more important than your happiness and health. They go hand in hand when creating your world of bliss. Whenever we let someone get into our head in a negative way, we instantly disconnect from who we truly are. When we lose ourselves, we are allowing external factors to sway us away from our natural alignments. There is no one in existence that can make us feel any way unless we let them. That's why we must take responsibly for how we respond to the world. It is the way we react that matters. At first it is a constant battle between ego and spirit. The ego is connected to the 3rd dimension with a heavy, dense energy of the external happenings in the physical. The ego looks for approval from others, wants materialist things, emphasizes on looks and judges. The ego is sly and can rob you from your joy. It also plays the role of the protector who builds walls to keep you from hurt, pain and suffering. But it is your SPIRIT, your Higher-Self, the Divine who is the true savior. The hero to the rescue who can keep you safe! As we connect and align more with our spiritual selves, our true authentic selves, the more we vibrate towards the 5th dimension and beyond. As we change our way of thinking and behaviors to resonate with our light, the better we feel and begin to awaken to the beauty all around us. Life gets easy because we start to attract and magnetize vibrational matches of the thing that bring you happiness. If you set your intentions on cultivating your hearts desire, then the universe says, "YES!" The more you focus manifesting joy, than more joy you shall have.

Jenna Davila