Communicating With Non-Vegan Friends & Family

In Advice Column, August 2017 by Jenna Davila

Dear Jenna,
I would love to have you talk about a loving way to deal with non vegan family/ friends who make fun of your food.Valerie, USA

Dear Valerie,

This is a question many people on alternative diets can struggle with. Your response to anyone shows what level of self mastery you have reached and where you are on your journey. When it comes to dealing with non vegan family members and friends, it is important to stay grounded and centred in your heart space. You want to be able to express yourself authentically with love and compassion. Stay focused on you, on all the positive things you are doing with your lifestyle. This way you can stay in a peaceful, mindful state instead of becoming upset, anxious and/ or stressed. By speaking your truth from a place of love, you can talk about how it has impacted and benefitted your life in a healthy way. For example, you may want to talk about why you enjoy eating this food or how eating this way impacts the environment and the animals. Try to educate yourself as much as possible to help support your responses. If you react with the same negative energy that a person is sending to you, this will only lower your own energetic vibration. Responding back with confidence, love, composure and grace is key.

I’d like to turn this around for a minute just to show you how polarity exists. If someone is making fun of your food choices, please try to put yourself in their position. This is in no way condoning their unkind behaviour but rather to help you see things from a psychological perspective. Maybe there was someone who was vegan that they interacted with who tried to bully them. Imagine that this person was eating their animal based meal and someone who was vegan made faces at them or aggressively questioned their choices? This could turn someone off veganism. We can also look at it from another perspective, maybe there is something within them that makes them feel like they need to act in an inappropriate way because they feel uncomfortable or maybe even a little bit guilty for eating animal products so they lash out at someone who is trying to eat a healthier diet. We really never know what is going on within someone else unless we take the time to have an open communication with them.

Overall, people act in many different ways. This can be due to a range of reasons and influences such as their environment, how they were raised, the people they surround themselves with…We also have to look at habits, past trauma…Some people may not even know why they act in a particular way because they never truly took the time to learn about themselves to heal. They also may not even understand how their behaviour is actually affecting others. Digging further into this, some people may even lack self love. When someone truly loves themselves, they treat others with the same love, compassion and respect they would give to themselves. Treating people with kindness, consideration, empathy and dignity shows what level of consciousness people are operating on.

To go back to your original question, you treat people based on your own kind heartedness, not theirs. How you respond to other people is a reflection of your own awareness. If someone is being aggressive towards you over what you are eating, try to not take it personally. It may be that this person has no idea what veganism actually is, what it can do for the body and how incredibly beneficial it is for the planet and the animals. This person may be coming at you from a space that lacks knowledge. Take a look at how these friends and family members are filling their bodies, filling their minds and filling their hearts. One suggestion I would like to extend is to make a super flavourful meal of vegan comfort food for everyone to try to help them see how delicious this lifestyle can be. This way you can plant seeds and start to gradually help them change their perspective on what vegan food actually is. Remember, you are acting differently from society’s standards when it comes to diet. It’s important to stay grounded in your truth and to spread your light where you go. Don’t allow anyone to diminish your flame or move you out of your inner peace because of rude comments or behaviours. When you are totally secure in yourself, nothing can take away your peace.

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