How to Stay Inspired on a Raw Food Diet

In Advice Column, August 2017 by Jenna Davila

Dear Jenna,
I want to be fully raw but I feel like I would run out of ideas on how to eat raw food. I would like some tips or advice because I have been raw and cooked vegan but I feel better on the raw diet.Maria, USA

Dear Maria,

Thank you so much for writing in. The best tips and advice I can give to you about raw food innovation is to keep yourself inspired! There are an endless amount of recipe books that you can purchase in stores or online and a ton of great eBooks, websites, magazines, Youtube videos and even raw food apps that will allow you to play around with new recipes, try new flavours, combinations and get yourself amped about how much potential this lifestyle has. Whether you are looking for 80/10/10 or raw vegan gourmet meals, the information is out there waiting for you to discover it.

I would definitely recommend investing in a dehydrator. A dehydrator enables you to take raw food to a whole new level. Another suggestion is to attend events, fruit lucks, workshops/ classes, retreats and festivals that work with raw food. Surrounding yourself with supportive and creative people is extremely important to help you stay motivated. I am actually heading to a festival this weekend called the Woodstock Fruit Festival where they give lectures, informative classes, fun activities and create amazing meals for the entire week. When you bring this education into your life, it helps to keep you stimulated and energised to stay fully raw, if that is your intention.

My last tip is to find some really great sauce recipes. When you have delicious sauces, it definitely helps you to stay on a raw food diet. My dear friend Ashley Clark has several eBooks including Naturally Rawsome Sauces that she created with Chris Kendall which is a step by step guide on how to make your own sauces. They are also coming out with a new eBook called, Naturally Rawsome Dressings – 21 Dressings for Salads and Zoodle Dishes which will be released later this month. My favourite raw food eBook is by Ellen Fisher, called Epic Raw Food and right behind Ellen’s eBook at a close second is Jon Kozak‘s Nuts about No Nuts. It has super unique recipes that I absolutely love but you do need a dehydrator for a lot of them. As for physical books, I would highly recommend The Fully Raw Diet by my beautiful friend Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram. She makes the most delicious raw vegan meals. I would also suggest raw food recipes books by Matthew KenneyMimi KirkJudita WignallAmanda BrocketAnya Ladra and Laura Miller.

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