How to Work with Negative Energy

In Advice Column, September 2017 by Jenna Davila

Dear Jenna,

How do you handle negative people and negativity in general?Meghan, USA

Dear Meghan,

Thank you for your questions. Everyone emits their own energetic vibration, which is a reflection of how aligned someone is to their Highest Self. Of course, this alignment fluctuates but the more mindful one becomes of their own energy, the easier it is to come back to centre and ground. The awareness we have of our own energetic frequency is key to navigating our lives. By taking the time to self reflect, we can become more conscious of where our harmonic vibration is resonating. Not only should we be mindful of our energy but we need to integrate deep soul work, practice radical self love and know who we are authentically. This gives us a better understanding of our own boundaries. To know ourselves is to know what we want to invite into our lives and what we don’t find acceptable. It is easier for us to handle negative people in our lives when we can remember our empowerment as a Divine being of light. With that being said, our confidence and self worth must become solid if we want to handle situations with internal resiliency. This becomes significant when we anchor in the stability of our self love.

If you are involved with someone who is releasing their negativity out on you, you can always try to change the subject or show them a lighter perspective on how to see things. This is a great way to change the focus of the conversation without entertaining negativity. Another way to help you is to make sure you are keeping track of when you find yourself coming out of your natural joy filled state due to someones negativity. Is this happening around a specific person? Is this person related to you or are you choosing to surround yourself with this person? How often does this happen? Is this person trustworthy, loving and giving a balanced partnership? When it comes to work related issues, what are your motivations for being there? Is your employer being negative about the business, themselves, others and/ or you? These are just some questions you can ask yourself. Remember, if you aren’t being treated with respect or acceptance, you can always move through fear and leave a situation that no longer serves your Highest good. Do not allow yourself to compromise your values and morals. People are constantly revolving in and out of our lives and sometimes walking away is courageous and the best way to honour yourself. Always speak with kindness, sincerity and presence when you choose to remove yourself from an unhealthy environment.

Sometimes a person who is a total stranger can knock you out of your alignment. It is called “an emotional drive by” when someone randomly comes into contact with you and brings their negativity into your life. This can be viewed as a gift because it challenges you to be compassionate, empathic and altruistic in a sense. No one truly knows what anyone else is going through and negative behaviours are a sign that something is not in flow for an individual. It’s important to not take these situations personally and to recognise that there are reasons that a person can’t handle his/ herself in a positive manner. This brings me to my next tip: LET IT GO! Bring your hand to your heart, breathe deeply and release any attachment to a certain person or situation. Their negativity does not belong in your sacred space.

Lastly, by knowing who you truly are and what you want to cultivate in your life, you will find yourself becoming surrounded with people who resonate with you more. It is so important to be crystal clear in what your look for in a friend, partner or employer. It is your choice who you allow or don’t allow into your world. Freewill has been given to us, so use it wisely. Welcome people into your life who are caring, positive influences who support you, encourage you, inspire and uplift your soul. It is your responsibility to sort through your tribe and connect with those who will help you to live the most authentic, expansive, conscious and healthy life you deserve. The more discovery and mastery you do with yourself, the easier this will become and you will transform your life. Enjoy the journey and many blessings!

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