Listen to Your Body

In Words of Wisdom by Jenna Davila

Listening to your body is critical for health in all dimensions of your life. When people blatantly ignore signs of discomfort – whether it’s some form of pain, ache, fatigue, negative emotion, etc. – they are choosing to do a disservice to their physical vessel that only wants to heal and excel. Not only that, but your wants to bring your attention to the cause of your pain so that it may be prevented in the future, to create balance instead of fixing or finding a solution after the fact. Your body is not asking to be medicated, it’s asking for love. It’s asking you to listen and to work together in unison to create homeostasis. Begin to care how you feel because how you feel is your indication of your alignment and energy balance. Your body is the one thing that will not lie to you, it carries all the marks of your travel. If you are consuming foods or participating in an activity that is emotionally, spiritually or physically causing you to not feel your best, take a moment to breathe deeply, connect and be present. Make a conscious effort to listen and accept what your body tells you. Become mindful of the answers that come from within which you always have access to when you take the time to relax into the knowledge and wisdom inside of you. We all have this wonderful guidance system with us always! If we don’t take care of our bodies, it creates a wobbly foundation. The shift is felt in all the other aspects of life. Every system is here to work together as a community in harmony. You have the powerful to transform your life into one of health, love, peace and joy! Set your intentions and focus everyday on what you can do to have the best human experience you possibly can. You are worthy, you are deserving, you are a wonderful Divine light being who is so loved. Take care of yourself, one another, the animals and the Planet that you so are blessed to be on.

Jenna Davila