7 Ways to Support Spiritual Enlightenment

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Enlightenment is the Divine knowing of your truth.  It is living and being in the fullness of who you are so you may shine your greatest light and move forward with your mission.  It is the realization that you are a powerful, beautiful spiritual being who is in total control of your reality.  It is tapping into the wisdom your soul holds so you can live your life’s purpose here on Earth.  It is claiming your truth and realigning with your authentic-self, your Higher-Self.  It is finding yourself in the core center of that which you are.  There is love, stillness, balance, peace, clarity and all the beauty you could imagine there.

Everyone has their own unique journey when it comes to their spiritual path.  There is no right or wrong way, all that matters is that you are open to it.  There are countless catalyst that allows one to awaken to the spiritual light being that they are.  For some people the awakening process can happen relatively quickly where they will gain glimpses of insights in these miraculous “ah-ha moments” and find which path they need to follow.  For others it can take years depending on how conscious and focused they have been throughout their lifetimes and the willingness to go within and evolve.  It is all about how you choice to navigate your life.  It takes a lot of hardwork, dedication, practice and consistency – it is truly about mastering oneself.

If you are ready and open to finding your soul’s purpose here on Earth, making the commitment to yourself to go into your inner world and clean up lower frequencies to allow pure clarity to fill you is a 24/7 process.  Here, I am going to share with you some of the easiest way “beginners” can work towards spiritual enlightenment.  As I mentioned above, there are infinite ways to start your path.  Everything is interconnect, so starting in one area will effect you in another.  It is a butterfly effect that will gradually shift your world based off your commitment to your Divinity.  The key to spiritual practice is to give it your attention and your presence to allow it to bear fruit.  Here are a few basic ways I found to be helpful when starting out one’s spiritual journey.  If some of these are unknown to you, relax, breathe and just enjoy!

Become Present

By simply drawing your attention to becoming present in the NOW, you are accepting what is in front of you and expanding your awareness and consciousness to what is.   Be grateful and surrender to the moment that is here and now.  By being present with YOU, you have direct control over your thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, intent and will.  For example, when one becomes stressed, it is a response to yourself.  Our immediate outer world is a mirror of our inner world so one must look inward and take enough self responsibility and realize that you have a choice!  You do not have to continue the way presented in your life.  You can go in a new direction and assist yourself to see every situation as a blessing, an opportunity to lift your vibration.  Embrace what is handed to you and make the best of all that is present in your life.  Allow yourself to fully FEEL it all with acceptance of love, not fear and let it pass through you.  Where you place your focus creates your reality.   How we perceive each circumstance gives energy and momentum to what manifests in our future.

Authentic Self-Love

Self-love is the ultimate gift you can give to yourself.  Investing in yourself and making the commitment to create a solid relationship with YOU to become your greatest version is highest form self-love.  You are a spiritual being, a soul who has been created from the purest love there is and contain a spark fragment of Source itself.  The flow of unconditionally love is with you always, you are never alone and apart of everything in existence.  There is nothing external, no person or thing that can ever give you love the way you can love yourself.

Self-love is about accepting who you truly are as a being.   It is key to cultivating the relationship you have with yourself.  You can start by having compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and being gentle with yourself.  Realize that you are the designer, the architect of your world.  Claim your power to co-create whatever your heart desires.  Follow your passion and stepping into who you truly are.  When one begins to honor themselves by saying, “YES!”  to the things that enhance joy and make you feel good, it is in this self-expression that the gateway for self-love opens.  It is an affirmation of your authenticity.  How you perceive yourself is what matters.  How you speak, think, feel and live from your heart space is your power.  The more you understand that you have a choice, a choice to give yourself love, it accumulates a momentum into your life to be filled with it.  Loving yourself will allow Spirit to take the lead and help you feel completely safe in trying times.

Adopt A Whole Plant-Based Vegan Lifestyle

It is highly recommended to adapt a vegan diet when on a path of spiritual awakening.  A raw food lifestyle in particularly allows transformation to take hold even quicker and more powerful because it is absolutely pure living foods.  The cleaner your diet becomes, the more your body is able to cleanses itself which allows more light to shine through you naturally.  I like to give the example of a dirty glass.  Picture a glass that is coated with grime, if you hold it to the light, it has a hard time passing though to the other side.  The cleaner the glass, the more luminous the light becomes.  This is how it works for your body as well.  Your body is a gift to you, a vessel for you to nourish and take care of.  A vegan “diet” is what I like to call Karma Free Food.  It helps put us in alignment with ourselves and one of the highest principles — nonviolence.  Life is energy and an incredible amount of negative energy goes into the violent abuse and slaughtering of animals, their welfare and “living” conditions. A “vegan diet” is one of compassion and unconditional love. You can begin to feel more in tune with all living beings, the universe, the Creator and become more harmonious with the environment.  Everything is made up of energy, we are all connected, we are all one and this becomes more apparent in one’s life by cutting out the consumption of animals and their by products. This will help you become happier, to live life with meaning and feel connected to all that exists.  Take care of yourself, one another, the animals and the Planet that you are blessed to be on.

Listen + Take Care of Your Body

Each one of us has a beautiful sacred body, a temple that keeps us grounded to the Earth in form that must be nurtured and supported.  Our bodies are our greatest lie detectors and will always let us know what is going on within us.  Every system in the body works as a community in harmony together.  Every single cell within us communicates with one another.  Becoming mindful of what your body is expressing to you is critical for health on all dimensions.  By listening, we are flowing with nature instead of resisting.  Our bodies are our reliable guides and constantly giving us signs as to what we need and what it likes.  For example, if one choices to ignore any sign of discomfort whether it’s some form of pain, ache, fatigue, negative emotion – they are choosing to do a disservice to this wonderful vessel that wants to heal and excel.  Our bodies want our attention and be responded to it with awareness so that we may create balance once again.  Our bodies are asking us to listen and to work together in unison to create homeostasis in order thrive. Your body is the one thing that will not lie to you and carries all the marks of your travel.  If you are consuming foods or participating in some kind of activity that is mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically causing you to not feel your best, take a moment to breathe deeply, connect to your heart and be present.  Make a conscious effort to listen and accept what you are being given.  Become mindful of the answers that come from within which you always have access to when you take the time to relax into the knowledge and wisdom inside of you.  Take this as your truth and honor it.  Your body can be telling you to exercise, sleep, practice yoga, mediate, drink more water, connect with nature, to cut out certain foods, etc….  If we don’t take care of our bodies, it creates a shift, a wobbly foundation which is felt in all the other aspects in ones life.  You and only you have the powerful to transform your life into one of health, love, peace and joy!

Find Joy

If it doesn’t bring you joy, why are you doing it?  A blissful state of joy is our birthright and our natural state.  We are here to experience unlimited bliss!  Where you decide to dedicate your focus, grows and builds into your manifested reality.  An easy way to navigate towards a path of joy is to write a list of all the things that inspire you and begin to intertwine them into your life on a regular basis.

Have the attitude of gratitude!  Expressing gratitude for all the blessings in your life no matter how big or small opens up space for more abundance, happiness and joy.  Just by being here, being alive is a blessing!  Being grateful creates a sense of peace and balance within your heart.

Smile and laugh more!  A simple smile adds more joy into your life and sends a signal of love to yourself, the universe and all beings.  Laughter is truly medicine for your soul.

Look at your surrounds, your relationships, your mental state of being.  Are they elevating you or energy depleting?  Surround yourself with people who uplift you, encourage you, support you, who mirror your truths and help you expand to see/feel things from a wider perspective all the while positively challenging you in the best way possible to dive deep into your authenticity.  The people you cultivate in your life are like a looking glass.  When they empower you to ascend in your journey to higher states of consciousness and shine the light no matter what, know that is it your own vibrational frequency emitting from unified field flowing through you that is attracting these being.  If you desire a more joyful life, cultivate people who have positive outlooks and attitudes.

Start a Journal

Writing in a journal is an amazing tool for reflection, clarity and a way to connect with one’s heart.  It is an easy practice to get in touch with your soul, to feel where you are on your path and encourage your growth.  Journaling is all about looking inward.  It is a sacred place for you to reflect and gain a deeper perspective and insight on how certain events or situations have effected you.  Journaling is a flow that pours through you from the heart.  It is deep, raw, and an undeniable realness that allows you to discover more of your Divine essence between you, your soul and Source.  You can write anything you want with the knowing that you are a safe and loved in all ways.  It is encouraged to express any emotions that may come up whether they are positive or ones that cause discomfort, do not judge these, just keep writing.  This aids in releasing anything that no longer serves you or your Highest.  This process begins to clear out lower vibrations in your energy field and acts as a cleansing.  Journaling is a wonderful way to accept and understand yourself on different dimensions and get instant inspiration and creativity to emanate through you.  I like to call this “instant downloads” from Spirit and the Universe.

Keep Your Inner Child Alive

Heal yourself through keeping your inner child alive!  One of the most beautiful qualities young children posses is their innocence.  They are carefree, creative, curious, playful, loving, silly, fearless and completely engulfed in doing the things that make them feel good.  They get excited and shine with joy over the simplest things! Somewhere along the line, that child became tainted by society and the inner child that was so filled with pure life force energy was no longer allowed to fully express themselves due to some sort of trauma or belief system instilled in them.  They were no longer encouraged to feel or show their emotions and began to internalize the hurt.  That inner child is still there within you, waiting to be nurtured, cared for and loved.  They want to feel safe again and are waiting for your bond.  If you have a hard time loving yourself, start by loving your inner child.  S/he is a piece of finding peace within oneself and reclaiming self-love, confidence and worth. The more we embrace and welcome this light of love, the more harmony we can create within the body.  Laugh, dance, sing, draw, write, play games, jump, go out into nature and ground yourself.  See the beauty all around you in the most simple things created by Source.  Your inner child is waiting for your return!

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