The Shift of Plant Based Living

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It’s never too late to make a change in our lives to help our physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual evolution. Every second of every moment, we choose the kind of life we want to lead by how we treat ourselves and others, our thoughts, feelings, emotions, intentions and even the food choices we make. When we come to the realization that we must accept responsible for ourselves, we open up to new perspectives of how we view our own life and the world around us. We have been blessed with the gift of free-will and that makes each and every one of us completely capable of transformation. We are constantly co-creating and participating in shaping our life and this planet even if we aren’t fully conscious of it. It takes strength and courage to proclaim full leadership for our well-being. Once we this do, we can begin to witness the shifts unfold within our lives as we trust the wisdom of the Universe flowing through us.

One of the most beautiful tools we have been given to sustain our alignment are gift of plants. Plants, like us, are seeds of life. If you slice a fruit or vegetable in half, we can see the sacred geometry it holds. Plants carry a beloved life force and when we fill our bodies with them daily, we can begin to feel their elevated energy and deepen our bonded with everything in existence, especially with nature. If you look at how a plant sprouts from of the ground, it grows in a spiral (the golden ratio) and our bodies mirror the same fundamentals of growth with the fibonacci sequence such as in our face and hands. If you make a fist, it’s a spirals in the same pattern just like the plant. Another example of our interconnectedness are how the roots and branches of a tree growth. They reflect our veins and nervous systen within our own body. When we go back eating food from nature, we can FEEL this bond with nature so intensely within our heart to be true. Our oneness and simplistically with everything. When we fall away from eating from the living Earth, we can lose this profound feeling and drift away from our connection with nature and our own Divinity at the same time. That self-realization of connectedness can accelerant our spiritual growth and help to expand our understanding of what real food is. It can simply help us to wake up to the energies at unfold around us.

In a world where fast food, meat, dairy, eggs and processed food are dominant at almost every meal, humanity has never been sicker and it’s even affecting our youth at increasing rates. Our health is not only important for our physical wellness but for our mental, emotional and spiritual health as well. Have you ever had an animal based (meat, dairy & eggs) meal that left you feeling sick, nauseous, bloated, weighted down, tired, achy or even cloudy mental focus? These are foods of density and they are not physiologically designed for the human body to consumption. Poor life choices have an effect us on cellular level and can damage our DNA leading to slow healing, recovery and can trigger degenerative diseases, illnesses and cancers. Animals and their by-products also increase our risk for strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, cholesterol, arthritis, obesity and Alzheimer’s. They put unnecessary stress on our vital organs and can take precious years away from our lives. 90-95% of illnesses, diseases and cancers are linked to diet, not genetics. We have the ability to turn off and on certain genes due to epigenetics with out diet. Our health has such a huge impact on our multidimensional being. Think about how you feel when you get a cold or have an injury of some sort and how it can have the ability to shift you out of your joy-filled state of being. Sickness can influence your mood so when our health is intact, it is easier for us to stay in our alignment to our authenticity.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

Integrating a plant-based diet into our lives can be a catalyst to enlightenment, healing, connecting back to nature, remembering our Truth and allows us to become more sensitive to the life force energies all around us.  Plants are nutrient dense and packed with energy.  Every living thing contains DNA, a code, so every time we eat something, we are consuming that language.  We literally eat information.  Where does that information come from?  Infinite Intelligence, pure Source consciousness loves us to much that we are provided with food that gives us nourishment to heal and thrive.  Plants are the seeds of life that have been put here for us to remember our Divine connection with nature, ourselves and everything in existence.  They are seeds that are birthed through the Earth’s soil, gather and store sunlight, grow with the sacred rains from the sky and help this planet be filled with life.  All life forms here on this planet are here because of plants and when we eat plants, we take that energy to into our bodies. All living beings depend on plant life for their very existence.

Plants contain all the colors of the rainbow.  If we think of ourselves as a prism with our hearts refracting light through the many facets of being, we can see that we are indeed a human rainbow.  We can see this to be true with the colors of our chakra system so we want to mirror that light energy by eating all the colors of the spectrum to feed our soul.  It is this soul nourishment that is at the core of the cosmic love this Earth provides.  These are foods that are radiant, eye-catching and natural enable us to find the beauty in nature that we are intertwined with.  These are foods that can help us feel blessed for being alive.  They not only contain macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, enzymes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients but they carry energy, oxygen and water.  A diet high in raw food is optimal, but lightly steamed or very low heat cooking is also great.  This is food that resonates with our tissues, cells, and organs in a natural, harmonic manner.  This resonance stimulates our own frequencies and begins to restore coherence in our bioelectric fields promoting and maintaining wellness.  We are energetic, infinite beings grounded in these sacred vessels.  When it comes to supporting our light bodies, it’s important to eat the foods that contain the same energies that vibrate with our greatest frequency.  This sustains our light energy and supports our physical bodies at the same time.  Vibrant, colorful, whole plant-based food is how we can cleanse and heal ourselves on multidimensional levels and form a heartfelt union between mind, body and Spirit.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

Our bodies are the temple of our souls and we have to make a commitment to take good care of it.  It is a devotion to ourselves to honor our vessel, love it, cherish it, protect it and fill it with food made from pure love. It is extremely important to listen to what our body is telling us and how it reacts to the food we consume.  Every time we consume something, we should try to make sure we are making a loving choice for our body.  It is helping to raise our energy or deplete it?  How does our body feel afterwards?  How is our mental clarity?  Do we feel connected and at peace with our food?  Do we have a joyous attitude and feel aligned with our food choice?  These are simple questions to help us become more in tune with what our body is trying to communicate.  Even without these questions, we are constantly obtaining feedback but one must take a moment to stop, be still and listen to the guidance being transmitted.  Awareness and respecting the information we receive is key.  With plants, our body is trying to ever refine itself into our soul’s light energy body.  That awareness can help us move forward with an expanded consciousness that can lift and transform our inner and outer world.

By maintaining a diet primarily of whole (not processed), plant based food, we can also begin to empower ourselves with acts of self-love by eating foods that love us back.  It is a beautiful gift to give to ourselves.  This sends a signal to our bodies that we love it and want to nourish ourselves in every way possible.  We only have one body during this lifetime, so we have to make sure we are being good keeper tonit.  We are all here for a reason and we want to fill our mission here on Earth.  If we are not taking care of ourselves and become sick, it can become hard to fulfill our purpose.  When we start to gradually switch our meals to a nutrient dense, plant based food, we can begin to feel a huge difference in our overall state of health. We have the opportunity at every meal to put life into our bodies and it’s important to give gratitude and send loving energy to our food as we make it and eat it.  This allows the life force energy of our food to be more easily absorbed into cells and utilize its maximum potential.

A lot of unnecessary energy is used to transmute the energy of animals and their by-products.  There are vast differences between human physiology compared to carnivores or omnivores, including our frame of mind, teeth, jaw, digestive enzymes, stomach, etc… but I will briefly talk about digestive energy and how it affects our well-being.  Plants, particularly a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, digest quickly and are transported, absorbed and assimilated by our cells to give nutrients to our body for health.  Keeping our digestive system running smoothly is critical.  Eating foods with fiber helps to keep our body cleansed.  When our small intestines and colon are clear, what we consume moves through our body more efficiently.  We don’t want food sitting around fermenting, rotting and causing acid build up (acidosis) in our blood and tissues – which is what happens when we eat animal flesh and their by-products.  Our intestines are 23 feet long and our large intestines are 5 feet long (about 10-12 the length of our torso).  Compare that to a carnivore’s or omnivore’s we can see that their intestines are 3-6 times the length of their torso so they get rid of waste quickly.  The more efficient our bodies can get rid of waste, the healthier our bodies can become because we not carrying around food that clogs up us up.  Additionally, the cleaner we make our bodies, the more cleansing and purifying our thoughts and feelings can become because everything in our system is working together.  When one thing shifts, so does the rest.  We can begin to feel a lifted and everything becomes lighter on all dimensions.

“My body will not be a tomb for other creatures.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Not only do our physical vessels need cleansing in order to heal, but we also need to cleanse all the other aspects of our being by being mindful of our everyday thoughts and emotions that we express throughout our interactions and activities within ourselves and to the world.  We can either create harmony or foster disease just by how we think, act and express ourselves.  Our actions can nourish us or disconnect us from our authentic energy of the soul.  The more we align to frequencies of our light bodies by eating foods of light, the easier it can be to maintain joy and gratitude to the world for all it has gifted to us in our experiences.  The connection we have with every living thing on Earth is there waiting to be realized, and it is in our grasp to change our world into one of total serenity and crystalline light.  When we become aware that what we eat effects the mind, body and Spirit, we truly become ever more responsible for our lives.  That recognition is an opportunity to redirect and uplift out of whatever is holding us back from making healthier choices in all aspects of our being.

Whole, plant based diets can change people’s lives in innumerable ways.  Eating high vibrational food is a source of support and presents us with opportunities to heal on multidimensional levels.  A diet of high raw/lightly cooked food makes us the most sensitive to our Truth and can be a great spark for our expansion.  We always have a choice to ascend or stay stuck in density but we must remember that free-will is our birthright, so it doesn’t matter if we eat the cleanest diet if we aren’t ready to don’t do the inner work the needs to be done.  It is a tool to help us along the way.  A whole food plant based diet simply helps us to blossom.  Our awareness and perception can broaden and help us process and receive information in a new light.  This diet is a karma-free and non-violence lifestyle which transcendence goes beyond what we put in our mouths.  This is about claiming responsible, fully surrendering and embracing the deep inner work that must take places to help us to live a life with an open heart, love, respect and compassion for all life forms.  When we fill our bodies with higher frequency food, our vibration has the ability to move into cosmic love, joy, peace and oneness with all.  It is much easier to anchor in these higher frequencies when we eat foods OF that higher frequency.  We must be prepared to say “YES” to ourselves.  Are you ready?

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