Universal Oneness

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The perception of me vs. you is a heavy, dense and egoistic energy of the 3rd dimension.  It is a great illusion that plagues humanity with separation.  NOW is the perfect time for us to ascend, to feel the great pouring of energy upon the planet here available for us now to see that there only US:  the unity, the harmony & oneness, the all-ness, the togetherness, the ether of cosmic light and unconditional love made from Source.

We are not here to be in separation or competition, that only makes it harder to build relationships and have compassion with others, while simultaneously lowering ones self-worth and confidence.  Comparing yourself to another person or person’s situation will never make you happy.  Instead it fills you with a void and a feeling of trying to reach for something you’re not destined to achievement.  Your path is meant for you and only you and it is a blessing.

For example, I started playing sports at the age of five and competitive soccer since I was 11 years old through college.  It was never about competing, it was always about pushing myself to be the best possible person and athlete I could be.  It was about claiming my authenticity and energy that was being called forth so that I may improve upon my gift from that day and from the day before, and so on.  It taught me strength, leadership, SISTERHOOD, bravery, compassion, sincerity and the recognition of how I can best contribute to the collective.  It taught me precision, focus and flow.

It showed me how to stay grounded to the Earth, to act swiftly with discernment and how to navigate life on and off the field.  It taught me how a community supports each other to live at their greatest potential by embracing and celebrating the differences we contain.  Playing sports prepared me so very well for my spiritual journey even though I wasn’t aware or conscious of it at the time, I still felt the energy it represented.  As you too have a collection of experiences in your life which do not define you, but will help guide you in the direction you are destined and to aid you in the remembrance of your spiritual self.

We are all in this world together to help inspire and uplift each other.   Open your heart by offering your hand!   We always have something to learn from those around us and the willingness to receive the gift of an open hand and heart can only expand us into an increased state of consciousness.  It’s not about being the best, it’s about being the best YOU you can possibility be.  It is about opening your heart to the sacred love that resides inside you and in every single being in existence.  It’s about bringing out your OWN unique gifts that you came here on this Planet with to build upon and share with the world through the divine pulse of the Universe.

Allow your gifts to transcend and magnetize the crystalline matrix of your own being and energy in this reality and realms beyond.  Claim the cosmic Union with the soul to ignite in utter trust and carry forth the natural flow of creation in you, through you and around you.  You are already loved, you are already beautiful, you are already abundant, you are already whole, you are already perfect.  Embrace the Divinity exists within you ALL-WAYS.

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