Your Willingness To Be Vulnerable

In Words of Wisdom by Jenna Davila

One of the most beautiful qualities I find in other beings is their willingness to be vulnerable. It takes a huge amount of courage and bravery to expose parts of oneself that is kept buried deep inside. Being vulnerable is to fully FEEL all the emotions your body holds without judgement, love and understanding. It is such a gift to yourself to claim your truest Self. Some people fear their pain and suffering by locking it into a container and storing it away in the dark abyss not realizing that it never is truly gone, it will always there waiting for thier return. Healing is a power we all possess and it begins when we take the time to go deep within, breath by breath, face the fear and bring absolute love and acceptance to it. If your body and soul wants to shed tears, surrender and embrace this offering, allow yourself to feel it all. Tears are water and water is a transporter of information, of consciousness! Tears are purifying and cleansing, don't resist a good cry or you'll hold that code within you. Revealing your truth is how you can release and let go of the fragments that want to be transformed and transmuted. Embodying everything that surfaces up in the flow and complete presence helps you move through what needs to be known. Remember, you ARE love, beautiful and deserving of all the greatest good there is in this world. Surrendering to what Spirit needs in order to shine is what makes space for the light to emanate from your heart with freedom, peace, harmony and oneness. Transcend the pain into a learning experience that not only can benefit you but aids in the teaching and healing and that can help you inspire all of humanity to do the same in their own individual's processes.

Jenna Davila