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One of the many trends I’ve seen floating around on Instagram is people sharing pictures of activated charcoal food and giving others the recipes to make meals with activated charcoal.  I acknowledge that is looks really cool visually and I can certainly appreciate someone creating something that looks appetizing BUT…  it is actually not allowing your body to get any nutrients from the food you are consuming.  If you are adding activated charcoal in your life or are interesting in utilizing activated charcoal in a way that will help your body, please continuing reading.

When it comes to the internal use of activated charcoal (which is an AMAZING detoxifier for the body), you need to be aware that it can actually cause more harm than good when used improperly.  Activated charcoal is used to literally bind to toxins such chemicals, environmental pollutions, poisons, heavy metals, mold and to help with intestinal gases.  Sounds awesome right?  We all want to get those nasties out of our body.   Activated charcoal works as an adsorber, meaning that it pulls, collects and traps harmful toxins in the GI wall.  Once whatever toxins are grabbed and gathered by the activated charcoal, they start to flush out of the body.  When you take activated charcoal for detoxification purposes you should take it first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach.  Why?  Because like I mentioned above, aaactivated charcoal works as an adsorber and when it passes through the stomach with food in it, it’s going to pull out nutrients out of the food and your cells will miss their meal.   This is why you should not eat it with food.

Combining activated charcoal into nutritional recipes is counterproductive.    You won’t absorb the nutrients from the food,  When you eat nourishing, nutrient dense meals you don’t want to add in activated charcoal in with the food or even consume activated charcoal within 2 hours of your meal.  Activated charcoal PULLS everything with.  Your body will not absorb and assimilated the food you just ate.   You will not get any nutrition from your meal.

This also goes for any supplements, herbs or vitamins you take within that 2 hour time frame of taking activated charcoal.  The best way to take activated charcoal is for its healing effects first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with water.  It’s vital to stay hydrated with water through out the day.  The only excuse to eat activated charcoal is if you ate BAD food, are drinking alcohol or if you were exposed to some kind of poison or toxin.  Only then would you take it at anytime. 

If you think want you want to start using activated charcoal, save your money and DO NOT mix it with your food. 😉

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