Creating A Foundation of Trust

In Words of Wisdom by Jenna Davila

When chaos arises, it is a the signal that you need to move your foundation into one of trust. Creating a foundation of trust is the true divine connection in your heart. It is the inner knowing that relaxes, supports and guides you through a transition. Chaos and stress are not the same. Chaos is what happens in the outer world where as stress is a response you. Our immediate outer world is a mirror of our inner world so one must look inward and take enough self responsibility and realize that you have a choice! You do not have to continue the way presented in your life. You can go in a new direction and assist yourself to see every situation as a blessing, an opportunity to lift your vibration. What you resist, you give energy to. Stop battling it, stop trying to explain it, stop trying to fix it, stop trying to understand it let go and detach yourself. Change your perspective and become the observer, the witness. You will begin to see chaos as a the gift which allows you to propel forward. Move into prayer, meditation, energy practices and other transmutation practices that can support you and help you see that this world of chaos is an invitation to show you and lead you to find your divine center. If you keep doing what you keep doing, you'll get more of what you got. Restore your trust in the confidence of your Higher-Self and breathe into the KNOWING that all is in divine order.

Jenna Davila