Creating A Solid Relationship With Self

In Uncategorized, Words of Wisdom by Jenna Davila

In order to make any relationship work, one must focus on the most important relationship of them all; the one you have with yourself. When one is able to look into their own life and start acknowledging that there are places for improvement and healing, transformation can begin. Taking self-responsibility, diving deep and rediscovering who you are to your core, your values and what brings joy into your world will allow you to actively take the steps to upgrade and gain the joy, self-love your soul needs to thrive. Making the commitment to create a solid relationship with YOU, gives you the tools to enhance and foster the relationships all around you. This enables all the relationships you interact to be a reflection of you. You will learn what you need to keep yourself in your divinity. When we have relationships with others, we are sharing energy whenever we give that person our attention or thought. Knowing your boundaries is a way of honoring yourself so you can generate peace within and without of your environment. As we learn to create this peace, we can begin to effectively understand and accept others with unconditional love enriching your life through compassion.

Jenna Davila