Be Mindful of Your Energy

In Words of Wisdom by Jenna Davila

Be mindful of how your energy influences your environment. Every space we flow into should greatly benefit from our presence. That is our truest measure of alignment, the positive value we can contribute to this world. The most beautiful way to be of service is to show up and be in union with our Light. We must speak authentically from our heart, be open, hold space, be available and know our worth at every step of our journey. Our empowered confidence and security in who we are as a being of love has a tremendous impact on our perspective of self, everyone and everything we exchange with. Our existence on this planet matters so use it for the greatest and Highest good. You are already shining bright, just release the doubt and fear and move into your highest vibration of your blueprint. Remember, you ARE epic and Divine in every way.

Jenna Davila