Filling Our Bodies with Life Force Energy

In Words of Wisdom by Jenna Davila

Everything in existence is made up of energy. As infinite energetic beings, it is our sacred vessels that ground us to this earth allowing us to fulfill our mission of Divine service. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health plays a huge role in how we go about our path. We all have this wonderful guidance system within us. If we neglect one of these aspects, it creates a wobbly foundation. This shift can be felt in all the other components of our lives. Everything that creates our essence is here to work together as a community in harmony. How can we support the ingredients of our physical and nourish our light bodies at the same time while maintaining homeostasis? How can we help ourselves expand and transform our world with crystalline light, love and passionate action? How can we become more in-tune and sensitive to our energetic truth? When we fill our bodies with life force energy, the seeds that are birthed from the elements of Source consciousness, we start the process of purifying, cleansing, detoxing and healing on multidimensional levels. They are foods that align to the highest frequencies of love and open up our channels to opportunities of deepening our connection to truth of our authenticity and oneness. Consuming foods that are from nature are vibrant, colorful and contain the full spectrum of the rainbow that is the beauty within us all. We are so loved, that it is manifested and expressed through consciousness in nature in the form of plants. It is up to each and everyone of us to be committed to honoring, respecting and caring for our bodies by fueling it with the building blocks of health, love and non-violence. We all have the capacity to heal ourselves and this planet when we make the health of all living beings a priority. This is about eating foods that love us back and give us the vitality, not disease. It is a bold act of self-love that radiants and sends ripples to places beyond this realm. Know that you are deserving of purification, healing, love and peace. Reconnect to your eternal flame and begin the union of body and Spirit. It is here for you to claim!

Jenna Davila