Let The Light of Love Be Your Guide

In Words of Wisdom by Jenna Davila

"Let the light of love be your guide and you will be amazed at the magic that unfolds in your life. If you are hurting or struggling with the obstacles in your path, please take the time to connect to your heart. The most important thing during times of suffering is for you to be union with who you are to the core of your existence. If you don't know who are you, take the time to dive in. This is a process that should be never ending in the sense that life is always evolving and changing. It's key to take a moment to slow down and check in with yourself regularly. The more familiar you are with YOU as your human and Spirit form, the easier it is to navigate life to your best abilities to live a life of joy! All illusions drop when you come back to your truest energy of infinite light. You are luminous and made entirely from love! You have the capacity to manifest miracles in your world when you center in your heart. Let it fill you with reassurance and trust that everything is working in your favor when you make conscious and mindful choices. When you reach a roadblock, move through it with the remembrance of your Divinity. Feel the power within you and discover what you are really all about!"

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