Our Ebb & Flow with Nature

In Words of Wisdom by Jenna Davila

When we tap into our partnership, our ebb & flow exchange with nature, we are opening up deeper channels to wisdom of life itself. Knowing how our symbiotic communion with nature impacts our quality of living can greater help us stay in a constant state of joy and contentment. By opening up our heart to the divine energy of nature, it awakens a new sense of intelligence with us that can be felt through our entire essence. Nature is the great cosmic powerhouse bringing to light the masterpiece of Source consciousness. When we can recognize how important it is to maintain our connection to this epic energy with love, we open up whole new world of wisdom. Whenever love enters the pictures things begin to bloom. When we love nature from the inner most part of selves, we are able to receive the knowledge nature speaks to us from within her. We are apart of her and she apart of us.

Jenna Davila