Our Power Comes From Our Hearts

In Words of Wisdom by Jenna Davila

Never allow someone to take away your sovereignty. We are all here on the planet to co-create our own personal world and what each person chooses is their prerogative. So how can one live their truth and find constant stability in the 5th dimension and higher realms when physically living in a 3rd dimensional world of contrast? It takes dedication and the willingness to look within to find which areas need healing, to see yourself crystal clear in order to be vulnerable and face your darkness to obtain absolute love, truth and trust in yourself. As destructive behavioral patterns and emotions rise to the surface to be released, you are giving yourself the gift of healing. By embracing the hurt, pain and suffering of your past to move through you without judgement- unconditional love, acceptance and understanding takes hold and you can begin to see all present situations with this same sincerity. Letting go of all resistance to what is and be in the flow of life through our hearts we become energy generators! When we change our beliefs. We change our experiences and our DNA. We are NOT the experiences of our past nor do they define who we are. They are only human challenges we have gone through as spiritual beings navigating our purpose here. Our power comes from our hearts. The choices we make are ours to claim and they should never be to please or control another, especially if that means we have to give up a piece of ourselves that will negativity affect our state of joy. When we affix our hearts in love, when we are so strongly locked into our authenticity, our divine higher-Selves, our foundation becomes secure from waiving when opposing energies present themselves. It takes commitment, hardwork, patience and practice to be able to anchor firmly in the high vibrational state of the ascended heather when lower frequencies can feel like darts. Spirit is constantly guiding us into the direction of our path, to honor ourselves, to fully love who we are so we may step into our power and stay grounded in the love from Source. Know that without doubt what so ever that we are all connected and whatever we do to others, we are doing to ourselves.

Jenna Davila