Your Sacred Heart is Your Greatest Ally

In Words of Wisdom by Jenna Davila

The most beautiful sacred place in the world isn't in some far away land... it is within you always, your heart. Your heart is your greatest ally. Anchoring there gives you all the tools needed to connect to your Divine empowerment of grace. It centers you, grounds you and gives you clarity in when you are seeking it. The heart is your source of knowledge. It is where you will find the true meaning of what it's like to deeply care for yourself. Whether it's implementing boundaries, serving from a space for love, practicing patience, acceptance and forgiveness... your heart is there to help you navigate your journey. It is where you can reclaim your birthright and filling you with the sense of knowing you are worthy and deserving of love. To only have room for being treated with respect in all aspects of your life. Knowing the heart is knowing yourself. It is where you hold all the power of happiness. Your heart is the gateway to the ascended state. It is where your trust resides and contains the God Particle to your unique galactic blueprint. It is your soul's energy of your eternal self. It is the light of your life. Tuning into this space with openness, sincerity, love and presence begins to align your truest vibrational frequency and enables you to become more receptive to the wonderful wisdom and knowledge your Divine heart holds. Connecting to your heart shows you your comic origins and awakens you to who you truly are. Always make time stop, breathe and relax into this temple available inside of you.

Jenna Davila