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“Please can you tell me what you know about water fasting? I’d like to try a week or so but my family is worried and I feel overwhelmed by their concern.”Mary, UK

Dear Mary,

Hi Mary! Thank you so much for writing in. I personally have not completed a water fast for more than 24 hours and I don’t think I ever will. I sometimes intuitively do intermittent fasting but that is about the extent of it. With that being said, water fasting can absolutely encourage the body to heal. I have many friends who have done them and one of those friends has completely healed her endometriosis when doctors could not even provide any kind of relief. I do believe it can be beneficial to participate in a water fast but I strongly think it should be in a professional setting, under supervision and in a supportive, controlled environment.

I would suggest writing a list as to why you want to do the fast. What are your goals? What are the health issues you are looking to aid with? I’d like you to really be honest with yourself and take the time to process your answers. If one of your reasons is weight loss, I would recommend forming a strong sense of self love before even attempting to do a water fast. I have witnessed countless people thinking that if they lost weight, they would be happy and all their problems would disappear. This is just not the case and it actually causes a very unhealthy pattern in one’s life. Having unconditional love and acceptance of yourself in this present moment must come before even attempting a water fast if you doing it for appearance purposes. Yes, you could lose weight during a week long water fast but weight gain after a fast is to be expected as you will be back eating solid food. If you think your worth comes from how you look and not your soul, you could fall back into negative thought patterns about your body. I’ve seen it happen with people very close to me and it’s hard to watch them continue to struggle as they keep looking for the answers outside of themselves whilst having unhealthy relationships with food.

If you choose to move forward with a water fast, I recommend starting small with a 24 hour fast and seeing how you feel. From there, you can use your own judgement and you can move to a three day water fast and then a seven day water fast. This is your decision so please be be smart about it. Keep in mind that you should be resting and using as little of your energy as possible. Plan your schedule accordingly. Relaxation, self reflection, reading and journalling can all be helpful. Please make sure you are drinking 2-3 litres of pure, clean water like distilled. When breaking your fast, start with hydrating fruits like melons, particularly watermelon and slowly over the next few days integrate more foods back into your diet. You can check information about water fasting here. Wishing you all the best!

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