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Dear Jenna,

Do you ever have down moments or days or weeks and how do you handle them?George, Greece

Dear George,

Thank you so much for writing in! Do I ever have down moments? Of course! I feel that everyone here experiences periods of ups and downs. Contrast exists in everything we do but the way we navigate the down is what matters most. I used to suffer from depression and anxiety because I allowed situations and people to fill my mind with negative thoughts and disconnect me from my self. The core of self is the truth of our Divine sovereign being that is infinite light. Seeing our own light within helps us to maintain eternal love, gratitude, security and joy. It is there at our point zero of existence that we can remember that we are so much more than any experience happening. I don’t allow down moments to control me or to manifest into prolonged periods of time. I don’t dwell on the downs; I move through them. I embrace whatever is happening. I connect to myself by breathing mindfully, staying clear and centered in my heart. I claim my empowerment and remember my strength to not allow something or someone to diminish my happiness. I have learned so many lessons and continue to do so… that is part of the art that makes us human. Our experiences are what help us to become expansive and wiser.

My experiences have taught me that there is always a bigger picture to the things that are happening in our inner and outer worlds. If are able to keep a wide perspective in the grand scheme of things, it is easier to relax and remember this too shall pass. In the end, it will be in our favour no matter what it may look like right now. It is through my own personal journey of self love, mindfulness and appreciation that I am able to fully trust in the process of the Universe. The outcome of every situation I have travelled on this path has led me to where I am now. It has proven to me time and time again that all is always in Divine order. No matter what the circumstance is, it will always work out for the greatest good. Reminding myself of this really brings me to a place of trust, peace and reassurance.

Life is unpredictable. Never do we truly know what may or may not happen until it actually occurs right then and there in the present moment. We are always going to be gifted the ebbs and flows of life. The waves of highs and lows that help us and challenge us. I see them as opportunities for growth and transformation. When we wake up every morning, it is a fresh start. As the day progresses, we are exposed to having different experiences just by living. Usually when most people have a down moment or day, there is some sort of interaction or event that has triggered a less than ideal response, reaction, thought or feeling. From that, a person can be filled with either the emotions of doubt, confusion, pain, sadness, guilt, stress, anxiety, worry, frustration, fear and/ or chaos. How that manifests in one’s life really depends on each individual. If a person gets stuck in these emotions, a down day can turn into a down week and so forth. I have found that the more grounded and confident I am in myself, the easier it is for me to handle situations with calmness and grace.

The way we react, respond or view something is simply because of a learned behaviour, habit, thought pattern or a defensive mechanism (mostly from being hurt) that we have acquired over the years starting from birth. Whether it was from environmental factors or just being inexperienced and not knowing any better, it is all okay! What matters is how we handle the things that are now being brought up in the present moment for us to learn from. When we have the drive, dedication and openness to have a greater sense of comprehension as to how and why we react or feel about certain things and unravel where it comes from and how to deal with it respectfully, we can start to transcend and heal. It may sound intimidating or scary to face emotions from the past that are still programming you today but I find it very exciting! We have the ability to transcend to our highest potential through recognition and being open to the inner work that needs to take place for healing.

Here are some practices that I do when something feels off or carries a downish vibration. I either scan the energies around me or tap into the energies moving within me. It depends on where I am, what I am doing and what my intuition is communicating with me. When assessing the energies in the environment I’ll ask myself, “Am I picking up something from outside of myself? What is going on around me? Did I hear or see something that made me feel this way? What is going on energetically on the planet?” Sometimes we can pick up feelings and emotions from people other than ourselves and/ or pick up energies from the collective. Determining where the energy is coming from is important. You must start becoming aware of how the energies around you personally affect you because if you don’t pay attention, it will be harder to maintain harmony in your emotional state.

When I know the emotions and energies affecting my day are my own, I’ll go within, listen to my heart and my body. I become mindful, grounded and anchored in the heart and focus on the flow of breath. Connecting with the breath has the ability to change our internal state and bring us calmness and peace. It helps us to become more stable. Next, I will sit with the energies being presented to me and stay centered with love and trust through it all. I feel all the emotions and recognise the thoughts I am having. I ask myself questions such as, “When did I begin to feel this way and what happened?” From there I can best discern the best action to take. Sometimes it can be as simple as needing to get my energy moving by going to the gym, taking a walk or a hike to connect with nature. Other times I might just need to pick up the energetic vibration by making myself a juice or smoothie, putting on some essential oils, listening to music and/ or dancing. There are times where my body is just telling me to slow down, to take a break and allow myself time to relax and take the day to regroup. If there is something I really need to express and move through and nothing on my own is helping, speaking and sharing my Truth always helps, whether it is having open communication with a specific person about something or maybe calling on my spiritual sisters and brothers for friendship. It’s always important to be radically honest with yourself and others. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the people who care about you. Connecting with like minded individuals who support you, understand you and hold space for you really does wonders.

I would say about 80% of the time that I experience a down moment is about the inner work that needs to be done in order to gain the next level of self mastery. I really don’t like to call them down moments because I see them as occurrences that bring forth the opportunity to go deep within and work through unresolved feelings and emotions that I may or may not have been aware of. Just know that our past is our past. It has made us who we are today but it does not define who we are as people. They way you act, speak and treat yourself and others right now is what matters. The journey of spiritual growth goes in cycles and comes in waves. As we begin to heal, layers of ourselves start to peel away so we may see, feel and transmute all we have endured in this lifetime alchemising it into understanding love, acceptance and appreciation. When we let go of our past and extract ourselves from identifying with it, we become liberated and transmute everything into a higher expression of beingness and oneness.

For soul work, it’s about breathing through it, feeling everything and not suppressing whatever is coming up to be revealed. It’s beautiful to recognise all of the emotions we have stored within ourselves because when we uncover what was hidden within us, true healing takes place. After I fully feel what is going on within me, I then take myself out of it and see the circumstance or situation as the observer or witness taking part. It is from the perspective of consciousness, our level of infinite light that we can see things from the view of the Divine. Seeing things through the lens of the Divine can really help us trust that whatever we are going through, whatever we are being challenged with is just a tiny squiggle in our magnificent tapestry of life we are painting.

Sometimes we need obstacles and discomfort to push ourselves to change and to be inspired to grow. It helps us to stretch to the edges of our boundaries and to explore new territories of self. That is how we keep evolving. Going into gratitude for anything in my life is very helpful when I am being presented with something that may be uncomfortable or challenging to sit with but it is in the realization that this occurrence is ultimately needed to strengthen me and propel me forward in ways I didn’t even know I needed and therefore I am transformed and grateful. Constant upgrades help us advance to the greatest versions of self we can be. It’s important to find the beauty and blessing in everything and incorporate spiritual practices of inner work to turn your down moment, day or week into a great lesson for transformation.

Just remember, you are more powerful than you think you are and you can persevere through anything! You got this! Sending you my best!

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