The Year of 2018

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The Happiest New Year to You!!

I can feel the light that 2018 will bring within all of us and the Super Moon on January 1 was definitely a beautiful sign of what is to come in the new year ahead.

It is a time to answer your calling.  To be in union with Spirit and be anchored in your heart center.  Your inner stillness of stability and oneness will help you navigate your path with grace.  Are you ready to ascend, claim your truth and transform into your Highest-Self, most authentic-self yet?  Your commitment and dedication to your transcending self will bring you far in 2018 as things are rapidly progressing.  Take the time to breathe and devote yourself to the practice and patience it takes to fully embrace what it means to be light and compassion.  To truly be mindful of expressing kindness and gratitude in the actions you take and the spoken words your speak from your lips.  This is great year with endless opportunities ahead of you.  

To the amazing, Divine Warrior Priestess reading this right now, may the energy of enteral love surround you in its wings.  Feel my heart be one with yours Sister.  We are in this together.  The time is now to step into your souls mission and stand majestically in your power.  You are worthy and deserving of respect, love and acceptance.  I want to share a very special poem with you.  It’s one of my favorites and you will see why.️ May these words from Keleena Malnar fuel the fire in your sacred heart in the New Year 🌹❤🙏

The Goddess is Love in All Forms

“The Goddess brings forth the healing powers to the centers of our Mother Earth. 
She is the divine feminine that wraps you in her love, her devotion, fills your life with beauty in nature and places her magic at your feet. 
She sings with you in the wind and touches you when the leaves fall from the trees. 
She kisses you when she brings the rain and puts you to sleep when the night falls. 
She is present at all births and you shall forever carry her connection in your womb. 
The Goddess knows that she is here to share, teach, spread and be love at all times in good or bad. 
She touches the heavens and the earth at the same time connecting the universe through her heavenly flow. 
The Goddess in her divine nature will fertilize the earth with her magic, heal, cleanse, and bless the land. 
She is not of war and violence but justice, honor, integrity, love, grace and respect. 
She is not here to do harm nor denounce but create beauty in love and joy in the heart. 
She is here as she always was. 
The Goddess has never left for she is in you and you are in her. 
Rejoice in the love of the Goddess for it is now that she rises once again, to balance the earth and remove the negativity that has caused havoc for so long. 
The Goddess is not here to be worshipped or glorified. 
She reigns in love and love reigns in you. 
Feel it pump through your veins into your heart and soul and know that she will always be a part of every one of you. 
Goddess I AM.”

Such a beautiful, powerful message isn’t it?
May you have the most amazing, wonderful, blessed, epic year thus far! Sending you much love and Happy New Year! <3

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