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In Advice Column, January 2018 by Jenna Davila

Dear Jenna,
What conditions do the body and soul need for awakening? Do we need to work on the physical body and spiritual health to become awakened in both areas or does one follow the other if we work on either the body or the soul separately?Mayra, Spain

Dear Mayra,

Thank you for your wonderful questions! Everyone has their own unique journey when it comes to their spiritual path. There is no right or wrong way. All that matters is that you are open to it. There are countless catalysts that allows one to awaken to their soul’s light. For some people, the awakening process can happen relatively quickly and they will gain glimpses of insight in these miraculous ‘Aha!’ moments and find which path they need to follow. For others, it can take years depending on how conscious and focused they have been throughout their lifetime and their level of willingness to go within and evolve. It is all about how you choose to navigate your life. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, practice and consistency; it is truly about mastering oneself. If you are ready and open to finding your soul’s purpose here on Earth, make the commitment to yourself to go into your inner world and clean up lower frequencies to allow pure clarity to fill you. This process to witness and transmute is a daily task, performed multiple times a day.

When it comes to your question about working on one area or another, everything is interconnected. Starting in one area will effect you in another. It is a butterfly effect that will gradually shift your world based on your commitment to your Divinity. The key to spiritual practice is to give it your attention and your presence, allowing it to bear fruit. There are some people who change their diet, work on their physical body, give focus to their spiritual health, etc. but the downfall is when one gets rigid in one ideology or area and don’t see the connection between the collective as a whole. We have to look at it from an energetic perspective. Our light body intertwines everything together and if we want to reach self-mastery, we have to take into account all aspects of our essence.

From what I have personally seen, people who practice soul nourishment on the body with a healthy, whole food plant based diet tend to accelerate quicker. The cleaner your diet becomes, the more your body is able to cleanse itself which allows more of your luminescence to shine through you naturally. I like to give the example of a dirty glass. Imagine a glass that is coated with grime, if you hold it to the light, the light has a hard time passing through to the other side. The cleaner the glass, the more luminous the light becomes. This is how it works for your body as well. Your body is a gift to you. It is a vessel for you to nourish and take care of. When you consume foods such as fruits and vegetables that naturally detoxify and cleanse your body, it allows you to release more, have a better sense of clarity, deeper connection with nature and overall helps you feel lighter and better. Spiritually speaking, we are a light body. What better way then to feed it with the seeds of life grown from the Earth and nurtured by the sacred rains and sun. A plant based diet is also karma free food. It helps to put us in alignment with ourselves and one of the highest principles of life: nonviolence.

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