How to Maintain a Fully Raw Diet

In Advice Column, January 2018, January 2018 by Jenna Davila

Dear Jenna,
I am inspired by your blog and when I look at your recipes and photos I am drawn to eat 100% raw but never seem able to maintain eating raw foods full time. Can you give any some tips or advice on how someone can eat a high raw diet all of the time?Violet, UK

Dear Violet,

Thank you so much for your kind words and I’m thankful to be an inspiration in your life! Some of the most helpful tips I can give about maintaining a high raw diet is to fill your home with an abundance of whole, fresh fruits and vegetables (organic, if possible) along with nuts and seeds. Try to start becoming mindful of the things you buy and the kind of food you are choosing to bring into your home. It is so important to take charge, be responsible and have control over the food you bring into your life.

When it comes to travelling or going to someone’s home, try to bring your own food and don’t rely on others. This lifestyle isn’t very mainstream so it’s not very likely the people around you will know what you eat and what you don’t eat. By having your food and snacks with you, you are guaranteed to be full and satisfied with health and nutrition. If you aren’t prepared, you may grab something that is the most convenient when you’re hungry, even if it’s processed. Carrying around a backpack is very helpful. It’s also a great way to bring extra food with you to share with others. That way they can experience how delicious this lifestyle is. For safe travel, try putting everything in jars with screw on lids or containers that have sides that snap to prevent spillage.

Another tip is to have fun in the kitchen! Start to explore your creative side. You can experiment with new gadgets, ingredients, different flavour combinations and find unique recipes that excite you. The more innovative the recipes are, the less likely it is that you will become bored with your food. Which brings me to my last suggestion, take the time to reiterate to yourself why you are choosing this lifestyle and what your intentions are. When we have a solid foundation in our beliefs, it is much easier to stay on a path we are focused on. Also remember that no one is perfect and slip ups are totally okay. Be kind, gentle and loving to yourself. Try not to beat yourself up over not being 100% anything. The most important thing is that you are consciously doing your best and when the time comes and you’re ready, it will happen the way it needs to. Everything is always in Divine alignment.

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