Everyone Here Is An Extension of Ourselves

In Quote, Words of Wisdom by Jenna Davila

Let today ( Martin Luther King Jr Day) be a reminder of how important it is that we must stand up for what we believe in. That we must use our voices to speak out about injustices and discrimination of any kind. Taking passionate action is needed to make a difference and it takes so much courage to do so! With everything we do, may it be with dignity, respect and honor to make sure balance is restored for all beings regardless of race, religion, color, and sexual orientation. Humankind will truly only persevere when each one of us finds the strength within to support LOVE and to bring that heart centered energy to all we meet. It is in our unity to support one another with kindness, empathy and compassion that will bring forth the momentum of a higher vibration on the planet. May we spread its light frequency of warmth to all our Brothers and Sister. Together we ARE the oneness of ALL that is. Our cosmic connect is beyond measure and in order to reach utopia and our fullest potential as a planet, we must understand that everyone here is an extension of ourselves. How we treat others is really how we would treat ourselves. Bring love, peace and positivity in every space you touch! Thank you Martin Luther King Jr for being of service and saying yes to be a force of LIGHT! <3

Jenna Davila