Divine Feminine & Masculine Unification

In Words of Wisdom by Jenna Davila

Awakening the God/dess within is embracing the unification of the Divine feminine and the masculine, the balance of the ying and the yang energies of the Universe. It is standing your ground tall, sturdy and self-assured with unconditional love in your heart for what's honorable, just and fair. It is speaking your truth with grace, calmness and letting your voice be heard, respected. It is being a temple of love, compassion, comfort, empathy, mercy, forgiveness and healing for yourself and others. It is being expansive and boundless exploring the self and the world yet having boundaries knowing that you have the right to determine which energies you allow into your life and which ones do not serve your Highest good. It is using your pain and suffering to your advantage to awaken the strength and force within you. It is devotion to the spiritual path to illuminate your must needed presence here on this planet. It is using your intuition, patience and gentleness. It is being a conscious co-creator using your creativity and wisdom to inspire evolution to new heights. It is connecting to the beauty of nature, being a self-less protector yet nurturing and welcoming. It is being fearless and courageous because you trust in the creation of Mother, Father, God. From the beginning of time and beyond you will forever be apart of this fabric of life. The Oneness of all that is. A radiant light that is sacred in so many ways. Remind yourself daily of the radical self-care that is needed to embody all these qualities that you inside of you. Male or Female, these are all in our blueprint that harmonize us and help us to have transcendent experiences all while connecting with Source.

Jenna Davila