Raw on the Go: 34 Snacks to Keep you Fueled

 I am so excited and grateful the universe has allowed me to present you with 34 healthy sweet and savory raw vegan snacks!  This book is a natural extension of my blog.  I’ve always loved  experimenting in the kitchen and creating delicious dishes for people to enjoy.  It was also inspired by YOU and all your questions about how to stay raw while at work, school or traveling. These snacks are great on the go, to have at home or to bring to potlucks to share with the ones you love.

One of the most difficult things people are faced with when making a lifestyle change is releasing old behavioral patterns when it comes to food.  People tend to look for the quickest and most convenient thing to munch on and, more often than not, people reach for the processed bagged and boxed foods that are loaded with salt, fat and sugar.  The great news is, you have real healthy options and can break any habit that does not serve your highest potential.

The colorful treats in this book vibrate at a high frequency because they are alive and will aid you in feeling your best!  Plants contain the building blocks of health and energy.   The frequency of living, raw plant-based foods resonates with our tissues, cells, and organs in a natural, harmonic manner.  This stimulates our own frequencies and restores coherence in our auric fields.  I hope this book helps you replace some of your unhealthy snacking habits by giving you healthier, livelier options!  Click the “BUY NOW” button to enjoy your copy today!